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1st set (guest arrival / early evening before buffet) 45mins of classic songs to get the night going with a great atmosphere - with songs from The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Paolo Nutini, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Oasis, David Gray & many more performed with vocal & acoustic guitar.... Something for everyone from the younger folk to the grans.

2nd set (after buffet) 60mins of upbeat dancing songs - U2, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Santana, The Script, The Jam, James & lots more performed with vocal & electric guitar while using quality backing.... Again a great mix of songs to suit the wedding party & get it rocking!

* Includes learning of 1st dance song of your request




Set the mood and give your guests some quality live background music to drink / eat to. Either during the wedding breakfast or before the meal whilst photographs are being taken when the guests arrive at the venue. 90mins of laid back acoustic music with vocal. Ballads and classic songs to suit the occasion just perfectly.

This option can be outdoor with venue / weather permitting.

* When booking option 2 only, this is to commence no later than 4pm.




CEREMONY OPTION -  prices start around £250 (Can negotiate if in same location / or package 2 taken)
Personalise your wedding ceremony
Bridal entrance - Canon in D, Somewhere over the rainbow (solo acoustic guitar)
Song dedication during service of your choice (if required)
Signing of register song - Past choices include Annies song, The Rose, You do something to me
Bridal exit - wedding march or song of your choiceOPTION

Many couples are wanting something different from traditional organ these days.

Lately I have been asked to sing the bride down the isle with a song that relaxes and means so much to them.

Choosing songs that means something to you both, is sure to add to the emotions of your big occasion as well as making it much more personal.




- A short set of  relaxed songs at the church/venue as guests gather (around 15 - 20 mins)


- Bridal entrance (solo guitar) - Canon in D, Somewhere over the rainbow, or you choose


- Signing of register, (2 songs) past choices have included, Annies song, The Rose,
She is always a woman, Your Song, You do something to me, English Rose, This I promise you, Everything, Here there & everywhere. Just the way you are


- Bridal exit - Wedding march or a song of your choice.. All you need is love?
* Best price offered when taken with either options 1 or 2



# only to be booked in conjunction with option 1.

Add DJ music and lights giving you a one stop music package for your special night.

With only the latter part of the night left after my "electric set" there is no need for a cheesy DJ

Let me keep the party rockin' with a great selection of killer dance floor filler tunes.

Leave the cheese to remain on the buffet, unless you so desire otherwise :-)

Any songs you want in the set will be played, it's your wedding night after all...

Also music will be played from your guests arrival and in between the Live music sets

# Based on a 12 midnight  finish, please state if you night is to finish later than this.




If you are interested in booking any of the above options.

Please e-mail via the contacts page with details of

Date  -  Venue  -  Chosen option(s)  -  Rough guide times


Please note that ALL aspects of the packages can be tailored to suit specific requirements of your day.

* Prices are only subject to change when enquiries are to cover extended hours, travel (outside NE region), accommodation needs, or additional learning of songs.

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9pm Start unless stated



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